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Welcome!!  No Fear...The Freedom in Natural Healing

Hello everyone! My husband and I are independent distributors with Young Living Essential Oils. We've been with them for 7 years and we have so many testimonies of different healings! We would not be without the oils in our house for our health and the health of our children!

Young Living has SO many different kinds of products with a focus on PURE Essential Oils. In my opinion, they have THE BEST oils in the WORLD! There are a few wanna be competitors out there, but if you are into QUALITY and really want to change your health and life, I would NOT go with ANY other company! Just do your OWN research. I will not try to convince you. Its YOUR health and body, not mine! You must take control of your own health.

My favorite product currently is *Progessence Plus*. It is an all natural, bio~available, bio~identical, progesterone supplement. It is very simple to take and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! Here is my story, the short version:

I was having *severe* panic attacks and bouts of depression. I started taking above and beyond the dosage of Progessence Plus. It *instantly* stopped my panic attacks! I would keep taking more, until it literally went away! It was amazing! So I kept taking this product daily, as often as I needed. It was a MIRACLE for me! Then, I noticed I had started losing WEIGHT! I dropped close to 30lbs (still losing as I am typing this up) in a couple of months. I did nothing else. I did not change my diet (I already eat very healthy), I did not increase my activity level either! So it was all the Progessence Plus. So now I sing its praises!! I love it and you may love it too! It does so much for women....helps with balancing hormones, supports skin health, supports emotional stability and helps with weight management.

Try it out today! See what it does for YOUR body and YOUR life!
Sign up as a Customer today and it costs $49.34 (plus shipping and tax)
Or sign up as a Distributor and it will cost you $37.50

Click the link above to be directed to the Young Living portal where you can sign up automatically under ME and I will be able to assist you anytime you have questions!

A disclaimer that must be said: Always consult with a doctor before you start any health regime. Also, a word of advice, find a doctor that is not pushing pharmaceuticals for profit! There ARE natural doctors out there! Take charge of your health!