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Natures Pure Cure

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To begin ordering Young Living products or to sign up as a distributor (or as a customer) click on the link to the left.  

You have to enroll as a customer or distributor to begin ordering products.

There are two types of CUSTOMERS. Regular or Preferred. 

As a regular customer you get to order Young Living products as often as you want with NO commitment. This is good for someone just beginning with Young Living, or someone who just wants to TRY it out! 

A PREFERRED customer: In exchange for choosing to receive a regularly monthly shipment, preferred customers receive a 12% discount and earn product credits of 10 to 20 percent on their monthly orders.

To be a DISTRIBUTOR, you get a 24% discount on all product. You must enter with a PACKAGE. The smallest package is $40, they all come with different Essential Oils and products to try out. Also you have to purchase $50 a YEAR. These are the only obligations of being a distributor. You never HAVE to sell anything. But if you DO sell and sign other people up, obviously, you will make money. Its a great business adventure... to share HEALTH, to change peoples LIVES and make a living off of doing it! Its awesome!

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